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Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!!

It’s my favorite day of the year…the day of my birth!  Not only is it my birthday it’s my special (or golden) birthday, I’m 24 on the 24th!  I’ve waited 24 years for this day!!

Kelly, Alex, Dad, Grandma & I went up to Park City today.  We shopped and had lunch up there.  It was a beautiful day but freezing!  The girls & I found adorable (but matching oh well!) zip-up sweatshirts at Quiksilver.  We also ate lunch at The Eating Establishment, an original name isn’t it!  The food wasn’t fantastic, but good!

This afternoon Grandma took Alex & I to get pedicures, I also got a fill.  Thank you, Grandma!!

DSCN1644DSCN1647DSCN1648                                             Thanks Grandma!

This evening we had my birthday dinner back at Grandma’s.  Dad made us tacos, my favorite!  We also had birthday pie (thanks Aunt Penny & Uncle Gary for buying them) for dessert.  Since my mom is still up at her Aunt Beverly’s, that left my dad in charge of the party planning…and *SHOCKER* he forgot to buy candles!  But Aunt Penny came to the rescue and found toothpicks!  Kinda ghetto, but very funny!!  She said Kelly can Photoshop flames on the top of them!

DSCN1654My Birthday Pie with the “candles”

Aunt Penny modeling my pie

I felt kind of silly blowing out toothpicks!

Kelly feeding her beautiful baby!!

“Say Cheese” Kelly!

I don’t know who looks goofier…Kelly or David? 

I had a great birthday today, and I’m excited that it will continue on Wednesday when we go to Lagoon!  Not to mention the three I have when I get home!!  Yay for my birthday!!

Aunt Penny is flying down to Dallas tomorrow to help Emily drive back to Utah with her girls.  They are supposed to be back on Friday…I’m hoping EARLY Friday, since I fly home Friday evening!  EMILY…think early Friday, or even better Thursday night!!

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