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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Kim finally made the decision to let the triplets have free reign of the downstairs. I have to admit it did make the day much calmer because they weren't screaming to get out of the family room. But it also meant they could wander wherever they wanted - a lot more footwork for me!

They don't have gates yet (the one they had the boys managed to knock over), so we used chairs and ottomans to gate them off in the meantime. Plus it took sometime to figure out what they could and couldn't reach. So I also spent a lot of time moving breakables, pictures and flowers. They also quickly discovered the hutches in the dining room so we ended up putting the super-yard gate up and penning that in. So we are using the dining room for a 'dump all' for the misc. things we need to move!

We now have basically taken apart the downstairs Their once designer picture perfect home is no more... it's official the triplets have truly taken over!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and the beginning of Cori's Birthday Extravaganza -
The festivities go as followed...
Friday Night - My birthday dinner - TACOS
Saturday Night - Mariners Game
Sunday (MY BIRTHDAY) - Evergreen State Fair
In a couple of weeks Mariners Game 2!

Hope you all have a great evening!!

What?? I was told your taco dinner is on Sunday. Did it change and no one told me??
Cori: OOPS - my bad :)

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